Allergy Clinic

Pollen, Mold, Dust, Grasses, Trees, Animal Dander…Oh My!

Don’t let allergies get the best of you.  There are long-term solutions to these recurring allergies.  Come to the Allergy Clinic at Peak ENT to have your allergies tested and treated.  If you have seasonal outdoor symptoms or suspect an allergen within your home or workplace, the Allergy Clinic can test and treat mild and more acute allergic issues.

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Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing include runny, itchy nose and eyes, nasal congestion, cough, wheezing, plugged or itchy ears, itchy throat or lips, as well as other symptoms.  Common causes of allergic rhinitis include:

• Tree pollen in the early spring months
• Grass pollen in May, June and July
• Weed pollens in June through to killing frost in Fall
• Molds, which can be present throughout the year
• Dust mites
• Animal dander

Your doctor may order allergy testing to identify allergens that may be contributing to your symptoms.  Testing is done by these methods:

• Prick testing applies the antigen on top of the skin with a prick device.
• Intradermal testing involves introduction of the antigen under the skin with a tiny needle.
• Blood test, which involves a simple blood draw. Some insurance companies do not cover this.

Treatment of allergies includes avoidance of the allergen, medications to relieve symptoms, and immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy is available utilizing these methods:

• Allergy shots, which are covered by most insurances.
• Sublingual allergy drops, which are not currently covered by insurance but are an affordable option.

If you have allergy symptoms that are interfering with the quality of your life and wish to have allergy testing, call 801-357-7499 to schedule an allergy evaluation with one of our doctors.

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