Nose & Sinus

Congested?  Sinus pressure?  Can’t breathe through your nose?  Runny nose?  Allergies?  Yeah, we can fix all of that!

Sinus issues are one of the most common health complaints in the United States.  Patients generally suffer a blocked or stuffy nose, headache, or sinus pain.  Unfortunately, many people assume they “just have to deal with it” or try to alleviate the symptoms with over-the-counter medications.  What they may not know is that there are longer lasting or permanent solutions to these nasal and sinus problems.  Taking care of the nose and sinuses is a primary expertise of ear, nose and throat doctors at Peak ENT.

Video: Sinusitis


Our doctors use the latest technology, including video capture and an in-office CT scanner, to accurately diagnose a variety of nasal and sinus conditions like: