Facial Plastic Surgery

Put Your Best Face Forward


The doctors at Peak ENT are experienced surgeons skilled in performing facial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.  Facial plastic surgery makes it possible to correct many facial flaws and signs of premature aging that can undermine self-confidence. By changing how you look, cosmetic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself.  Facial reconstructive surgery can also rebuild a person’s facial features after trauma and illness, leading to an improved self-image after a devastating experience.

The decision to undergo facial plastic surgery is a very personal and important one, requiring mutual understanding and rapport between patient and surgeon. Peak ENT’s surgeons will take the time to understand your needs and explain the various options available. Some of the procedures we offer include:

  • Rhinoplasty: Creating the Nose You Always Wanted
  • Nasal surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery after skin cancer removal or Mohs surgery
  • Face lift surgery
  • Facial implants
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Ear plastic surgery (including otoplasty)
  • Eyebrow and forehead lift surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery of the face