Ear, Hearing & Balance

We’re great at listening to your healthcare concerns. We’re all EARS!

Your ear can experience a number of problems ranging from simple ear infections to complex levels of hearing loss.  Peak ENT’s physicians are specially trained in both the medical and surgical treatment of all ear, hearing, and balance conditions.   Additionally, Peak ENT has Doctors of Audiology on staff who bring advanced capabilities and exceptional knowledge in hearing science.  If your condition cannot be treated medically or surgically by the doctors, you may benefit from being treated rehabilitatively with a state-of-the-art hearing device provided by an audiologist.

Video: Dizziness


Numerous ear, hearing, or balance conditions require diagnosis and treatment using multiple kinds of specialized equipment and several different medical providers (doctors, audiologists, therapists, etc.).  Recognizing the need for patients to receive timely diagnosis, testing, and treatment without the extensive time and monetary demands generally required, the doctors at Peak ENT founded the Hearing & Balance Institute of Utah.

The Hearing & Balance Institute is where all ear, hearing, and balance conditions are diagnosed and treated.  Whether it’s a basic ear tube surgery to resolve frequent ear infections or the complex dizzy patient that needs the specialized tests to identify the source of the problem, the Hearing & Balance Institute integrates all care at one location where a knowledgeable, comprehensive team of specialists, including doctors, surgeons, audiologists, and therapists, have access to all of the resources and tools to improve your quality of life.  Suspect a hearing or balance issue?  Call either Peak ENT or the Hearing & Balance Institute to make an appointment.

Ear Disorders
The distinctive domain of ENT doctors is the treatment of ear disorders.  As you can see in the expansive list below, anything that can go wrong with your ears can be treated by Peak ENT’s doctors.  Our office is uniquely set up to show you the problem.  Not only will you feel/sense the problem, but you likely will also see what the doctor sees with our state-of-the-art picture and video equipment.

Balance Disorders
If you experience dizziness or vertigo, you’ve come to the right place!  Nowhere else in Utah County can you find the medical knowledge and diagnostic tools that will help you get back on your feet.  In addition to our knowledgeable doctors and audiologists, our Provo office is equipped with the latest technology that aids in the resolution of your condition.

Hearing Loss
Hearing loss (either sudden or progressive) is a medical condition, which should be treated accordingly by a medical professional…instead of a hearing aid salesman.  Our audiologists, too, can offer a wide selection of digital hearing devices with cutting-edge technology, but only if that is the right treatment for you.  We first determine the cause and type of your hearing loss and explore the medical and surgical options that could improve your natural hearing before selling you a hearing aid.  Hearing aids might very well be your best option, in which case, we present solutions tailored to your budget and lifestyle.  No obligation hearing aid trials are available.

We are also committed to providing the most up-to-date surgical procedures, implants, and devices bringing choice of options to patients.  As a result, we offer the most comprehensive surgical options in Utah.